Proofreading Bewitched

And the proofreading continues. (Today I was held up by a migraine, which was annoying. Grrrr.) (Also, I urgently needed to go food-shopping* after the bank holiday yesterday.) Here’s a bit from Chapter One, where we are introduced to Fox & his friends:

“But still, Miss Bourne is exquisite.” Drew reached over and took Fox’s glass. “Have you danced with her?” He regarded his friends over the rim of the glass while he took a deep gulp of the wine.
“Pansy-eyed, blond little chit, reaches up to about here?” Cyril indicated a spot in the middle of his chest. “Yes, I have.” He shrugged. “A bit disconcerting, if you ask me, such a little bit. Makes you wonder how …” He frowned. “If … you know.”
Drew grimaced in distaste. “Heavens, Cy, don’t be vulgar! At least not while Miss Bourne still holds my heart.”
“Soul,” Fox corrected. “Give me my wine back.”
“Did I say soul?”
“You did.” He held out his hand. “My wine.”
Drew drank the rest of the wine and handed the glass back. “I guess I must have. How many times did Munty dance with her? Did he say?”
Mournfully, Fox regarded his empty glass. “If you weren’t my friend, I’d have to call you out now.”
Cyril snorted and answered the question. “Twice.”
“Two dances? Goodness!” Drew slumped back in his chair. “I am devastated! I had only one!”

“Serves you right. You drank my wine,” Fox muttered darkly.


* Among other things, I bought a chocolate Easter bunny (which I proceeded to ate up in the course of the afternoon – the horrible bunny killer, that’s me) and a half-neikkid chocolate Easter man (= the perfect chocolate for a romance writer!)