Promo Stuff instead of Easter Eggs

I hope you’ve all had a nice Easter weekend and got the chance to eat many lovely chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies (for dietary purposes I didn’t this year :-/ ) (wellllll … there might have been a Lindt egg or two …). Here’s a funny thing about me and chocolate Easter bunnies: I always eat the ears first. 🙂 (But obviously not this year.)

Anyway, I spent the weekend a) correcting those student papers (and at least one of my students was stupid enough to plagiarize) and b) designing an ad for the LoveLetter, two bookmarks and a website banner. I also did some further research on bookmark printing and can now choose between

  1. 1900 small bookmarks, double-sided 4c-print, for 199 Euros
  2. 5000 large bookmarks, double-sided 4c-print, glossy surface, for 263 Euros

The second option is obviously the better deal, but what the heck am I going to do with 5000 bookmarks?

I’m also panicking a bit because I have ordered neither bookmarks nor flyers yet and now firmly believe the book’s going to sink like a lead duckie. (Which probably makes me a liar: I said in the interview for the LL that this time around I didn’t have time to be nervous. Ha!)

The Muse is still strangely absent. (Which is another reason for general nervousness: what if she never ever returns? What if I’ve now written all the books I was capable of writing?)

Ooookay. I’d better do the litter trays.

(To make matters worse, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch the latest episode of Blood Ties.)

Any volunteers for the litter trays???

(Hey, a girl can still hope, right?)

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