Exactly ten years (and a day) ago Matthew Bourne’s SWAN LAKE premiered at Sadler’s Wells in London.

Some of you might already know that I simply adore this ballet: it’s poignant and sexy, with the swans all danced by men (in white feather trousers and white-powdered torsos). Bourne’s leather-clad and crop-swinging Stranger in Act III is a wonderful study, indeed almost a parody, of the alpha-male (women instantly succumb to his … er … charms and men behave like bunny rabbits around him). Act IV is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes just to see the swans emerging from under the bed and through the walls. And I swear, even today I still cry buckets whenever I see the ending, the cruel killing of the Swan and the death of the prince.

Bourne’s SWAN LAKE helped me to keep my sanity (haha!) in the time before my final oral exams. It’s a show that makes laugh and makes cry, that makes me hold my breath and sigh in appreciation. In one word, it’s wonderful! So …

Happy anniversary, SWAN LAKE!

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  1. Sandy the dolt

    Okay, I might be rather good when it comes to everything to do with letters, but apparently I’m a total dolt when it comes to numbers (for all those who’ve got last month’s newsletter: I’m only 29, not 30) (oh, and I’m a dolt when it comes to maps, too): the 10th year anniversary of SWAN LAKE was yesterday. Duh.

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