Planning a Simple, Simple, Simple Quilt

When I bought the Moda Glacé jelly roll, I was a bit skeptical about the brown fabrics. But – oh my gosh! – they’re gorgeous! And they look fantastic with the reds, don’t they?

3 thoughts on “Planning a Simple, Simple, Simple Quilt

  1. azteclady

    Sandra, you evil hobby pusher you!

    Don’t you know I already have more addictions that I can manage?

    Those are truly gorgeous… *sigh*

  2. Sandra Schwab

    So far, my quilting efforts have only reached the “buy fabric” and “plan quilt” stages. I do hope it’ll proceed to the “sew quilt top” as well. I’m a bit afraid of putting the quilt sandwich together – that sounds a bit tricky, and I hope that I’ll manage to figure out how to quilt with the sewing machine because if I have to hand-quilt the thing, it’ll never be finished….

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