Phone box? No, it’s a library!

I went to Hofheim today, and this time I remember to take a picture of this pretty thing here: the phone box that has been transformed into a mini-library! (I snatched up an older German children’s book.)

3 thoughts on “Phone box? No, it’s a library!

  1. Sandra Schwab

    AL!!!!!!! *rushes over & gives you a big hug* How are you? I’ve tried to reach you via e-mail several times, but wasn’t really successful. I hope everything’s fine with you! <3

  2. azteclady

    *returning hug*

    I’m actually doing amazing at the moment–after trudging along through some rather difficult situations for the past few years.

    Email: a while back I managed to break my gmail account, so I didn’t receive any emails for a couple of months. It’s working now, if you are inclined to try again 😀

    PS I have both Betrayal and The Bride Prize in my digital TBR pile, hoping to get to them in the next couple of weeks.

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