Penny Jordan asks: Who reads my novels?

Well, I do! 🙂

I’ve read this one (and loved, loved, loved it!!!) (can you say amnesia story?):

And I’ve read this one (though that was the only one of her books I really disliked):

And I’ve read this one, too:

And this one, of course (hmmm, lovely!):

And a few more. I’ve even blogged about one of them.

4 thoughts on “Penny Jordan asks: Who reads my novels?

  1. Anonymous

    I do too! Though sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them. 😉 I’ll have to look for that amnesia story! — willaful

  2. Sandra Schwab

    willaful, what I really like about several of Penny Jordan’s novels is that she often does quite unusual things for category romance, especially for the MOdern Romance line (or former Modern Romance *scratching my head* Why do these M&B people have to rename their lines every few years? It’s so confusing!). For example, there’s an “older” (i.e. they’re not twenty-something-year-olds) couple in A REKINDLED PASSION, and THEY’RE WED AGAIN contains some interesting negotiations of gender roles.

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