Out of the night that covers me ….

Galleys …

Galleys …



So, this is the fourth time (FOURTH!!!) (in numbers: 4th) (1-2-3-4th) time I’m proofreading CASTLE OF THE WOLF. My agent read it at least twice, and my editor read it at least twice, too. And none of us (none!) (nada!) (zilch!) found these two really big whoopers:

1) hero & heroine drive through the forest (lots of fir trees, we’re in the Black Forest, right) — and the sunlight falls through the roof of green leaves. *head-desk*

2) strawberries blooming in early March. *head-desk*

Now I can only hope that I haven’t got the Rhine flowing in the wrong direction … (and you really don’t want to know how often I’ve already checked this!)

2 thoughts on “Out of the night that covers me ….

  1. Anonymous

    So it took me a minute to figure out what was wrong with number one.


    (I might have to start using that whole *head-desk* thing… it’s so very descriptive without actually having to type much…)

  2. Sandy

    I love the *head-desk* thing. I have to admit, though, that I’ve picked it up on somebody else’s blog, too. *g*

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