Only One More Hole to Close in the Fabric of Story

Okay, so it’s a BIG hole: marriage and hunting for a Christmas tree and then everything else until the heroine crushes her finger in the library door in the following year (Note: Silvana, at least I’m not letting a mountain crush on heroine’s head as some other authors frequently do! *ggg*) And I have to say the story has developed in a slightly different fashion than I had planned. It seems that THE LILY BRAND was a bit too dark for my subconscious, which then proceeded to shoot my gothic aspirations to pieces. Well … there’s some gothicness left. And there’s some mention of the devil — in the disguise of a little man in grey –, of hell (that’s what Nifelheim is!), and of eerie wooden masks. There’s a bat, too. And rats! But unfortunately that’s where the difficulties start because one of the secondary characters has sturdy boots and stomps the rats to death. Which in turn makes the butler turn green. You see what I mean? How can you uphold the gothicness of your story when your characters come equipped with stury boots???

I’ve also started to think about some nice catchphrase for promotional purposes (yeah, you’d think I’d have enough on my plate with only five more days left to hammer a manuscript into shape). I’ve already got a very nice catchphrase for the next WIP, but for this? Duh. So far I’ve come up with:

“Nothing but her light matched against his darkness
to redeem the beast” (has no nice ring to it)


“All she wants is a new life —
but she finds herself caught up in his darkness.
Will her light be enough to redeem the beast?” (better than the first, but again, no nice ring and furthermore much too long)

OR perhaps

“All she wants is a new life —
and finds herself caught up in his darkness.
Will her light be enough to redeem the beast?” (Oh, that’s most definitely better, isn’t it?)

All right, ’nuff played. It’s back to smooching the muse. :O)