Only 89 more pages to go!

Yes, yes, yes! Finally, I’m getting there: towards the end of the dratted WIP (which, by the way, stands for “work in progress” — just in case you wondered). Last night I reached a total page count of 311. *beaming smile*

Unfortunately, last night also saw another character of mine freaking out. This time it was my heroine, who suddenly developed these rather surprising new characteristics and ended up holding a knife against somebody else’s throat (no, it wasn’t the hero’s throat) (hey, that’s at least something!). Hmm. Which brought me back to a problem I already had with THE LILY BRAND: it seems that I’ve got this small tendency to unman my heroes. Thus, my unfortunate heroes get tied to boulders (while the heroine saves the day) or fall down stairs / off horses (while the heroine saves the day). Which is, of course, a bit of a problem, because by definition the hero in romance is supposed to be tall, dark, dangerous and saving the day (as well as the heroine). Have you ever tried saving the day while tied to a boulder? See? BIG PROBLEM! Duh.

Thus, during revisions, one thing I need to do is making the hero more heroic. Since he doesn’t save the day (see boulder-problem above), new scenes have to be created to allow the hero to prove his heroicness (which explains why Troy had a bit of a rough ride when trying to get the doctor: crossing dangerous rivers on horseback is, apparently, an appropriate test of manliness) (something like slaying a dragon, only you can’t have your hero slay a real dragon in an otherwise normal Regency-set historical romance) (by the same token you can’t end your story in exasperation on page 200 by having aliens abduct your Regency protagonists. This is considered to be a big No-No!).

So now I’ll need to think of something heroic for Fenris to do. I’m sure something will come to my mind eventually.

If not, I might try the “UFO-dropped-on-castle” approach after all. *G*

3 thoughts on “Only 89 more pages to go!

  1. Dorie

    Hi Sandy, your posts always make me laugh! I’m so glad that you have written a lot, I can’t wait until it is finished. *G*

    I was trying to think up something heroic for Fenris to do..hmmm. Although the UFO thing would be a different approach. I like the idea of slaying a dragon, but I like dragons, I don’t know if I’d want him to slay one.

    Maybe he could save the heroine before she saves him? She is put in danger somehow and he must save her? Or maybe that is too much danger for the characters? Sorry, I’m not much help.

  2. AdairLyn

    I’m so glad that I stopped in and started to read your blog. I’ve been laughing over your “hero” challenge. Personally, I like it when the heroine rescues the hero…makes it fun. As long as the hero isn’t a wimp…why can’t he just do manly things like hunt, chop wood, rescue kittens from the tree (I’m a sucker for a man who rescues things from a tree…I met my lifemate when he rescued my innocent, new kite from a very tall, nasty, mean tree that grabbed one day.) Maybe you should just do things that suggest his manliness like ride horses, chopped down trees, get drunk in the local tavern, sing songs and talk about heroic things he did in the past. That would work for me…as long as he is a stud-muffin and I still feel like he is dangerous and capable of heroics.

    One of my favorite light movies (Ever After)…the heroine rescues the hero and herself. And it didn’t ruin the story at all.

    Later…aka..Adair from the Mystic Castle

  3. Julie! ^_^

    Wheee! *lol*
    I love this blog! I really do! It makes me day, Sandy! I’m definitely much happier than before. Especially after reading the wet hero part a little bit down. *grin*

    I see the point with “Hero rescues little kitty”. Yummy. I love that. *grin* Probably with a big hero-sentence popping out of his mouth like: “Couldn’t you have taken more care with this beast?” While said beast is making friendly with his neck and shoulders. *wink*

    And I definitely like the movie “Ever after”, but I don’t think that this hero there had been very heroic. I think the heroine has been stronger than him. I mean, duh, who would just stand there and getting rescued from a band of lowly thieves?! That really isn’t done.

    Just stick with the kitty-rescuer! *lol*
    Julie! ^_^

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