One of these days ….

Just came home after 10 of university — to find one of the kitties being sick in the hallway. Duh.

But …



I got a stuffed Totoro* today!!!! It’s the cutest thing. It spent the 8 hours sitting on my desk in my office, then drove with me in the car (sitting on the passenger seat) and is now surveying my library from the lofty height of one of my romance shelves. :O)

*from Studio Ghibli’s TONARI NO TOTORO (my favourite animated film ever!)

3 thoughts on “One of these days ….

  1. Dorie

    Hi Sandy,

    I’m so glad you got the Totoro, finally! ^_^

    I am also glad that you like it because it was the only one there at the time. When I went back there were tons, all different sizes. Also they had a Neko Bus too, which I thought was cute.

    I hope he wasn’t too smashed in that box.

    Sorry to hear about your kitty being sick, I know how it is though, it’s always pleasant to come home to. But they are cute, so I forgive them.

    Talk to you soon


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