On Winter & the Wonders of Ebay

My first few ebay treasures have arrived:

Luckily the tea set isn’t ugly after all and will look very nice indeed on a gray table cloth. What’s truly splendid though is the platter (Johnson Brothers, Old Britain Castles), which I’ll use as a cake plate:

I love the unusual form and the beautiful red decor. A whole set of this china would probably knock you down, but if you use a few selected pieces (*cough*not just the platter-turned-cake-plate, but also the milk jug and the sugar bowl*cough*) with plain white china, I dare say the effect will be quite lovely. 🙂


This week winter arrived in Germany. Naturally, snow slush and icy streets resulted in traffic jams of epic proportions. And if that wasn’t bad enough, on Wednesday the regional train service to Frankfurt was interrupted for several hours. Oh what fun! I hope they won’t cancel any trains today as I’ll need to go to Frankfurt… Hmm.

Speaking of winter, I thought Enya’s new album, AND WINTER CAME, was somewhat bland and boring. If you ever put it on during dinner, all your guests will probably fall asleep. What a disappointment! :-/ Rhydian Roberts’s debut album by contrast is just wonderful (even if it contains neither “You Raise Me Up” nor “I Vow to Thee My Country” *sniff*)


Reading: Lisa Kleypas’s THE DEVIL IN WINTER (extremely suitable for this time of the year!)
Re-reading: Elizabeth Gaskell’s CRANFORD

4 thoughts on “On Winter & the Wonders of Ebay

  1. azteclady

    Love love love the tea set… and the cake plate! I love the color, it’s very unusual.

    And you are right, some fine white china would set the pieces off perfectly.

    Here’s wishing you clear train tracks!

    (stay warm)

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Thanks azteclady! The train tracks were all clear — hooray! 🙂

    I’m not quite happy with the orangy-pink in the decor of the tea set, but as I said, it’ll look lovely on a gray table cloth. And the forms of the tea pot and the milk jug are particularly cute and cozy.

  3. estara

    Interesting, I much prefer the Spode versions of those patterns in blue, probably because my mum has a coffee set that I grew up with. Heh.

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