On Tuesday I Got Mail

A package to be precise.

What’s so cool about writing for academia? You’ll get author copies of books waaaaay to expensive to buy! For example, today’s wonderful package (Don’t you just love getting parcels and packages and such? It’s a bit like Christmas!) contained the Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy in 3 volumes, which normally costs about $ 350. I got it for free because I contributed two articles: one on dragons, another on Peter S. Beagle’s THE LAST UNICORN (which is, btw, a truly wonderful book, in case you haven’t read it yet or just know the film). Apart from these academic marvels (hehe), the encyclopedia is beautifully layouted, has got lovely covers and the foreword is written by Neil Gaiman. Gary Westfahl, the editor, did an awesome job coordinating and editing 600 entries from 150 contributors. I am so, so happy I was able to be part of this project!

One thought on “On Tuesday I Got Mail

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Sandra:

    I’m Peter Beagle’s business manager and I’d love to see your Greenwood article on THE LAST UNICORN. You might also be interested to know that (a) there’s a sequel/coda story out now, called “Two Hearts,” and a full novel sequel in the works (for more information: http://www.conlanpress.com) and (b) Peter is launching a legal battle to get what he is owed for the animated film (for more information: http://www.conlanpress.com/youcanhelp.

    — Connor Cochran

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