On Notebooks

I love notebooks. No, I’m positively addicted to notebooks! For years, I used to write my stories into notebooks of various sizes: big ones for the novels, smaller ones for poems and short stories. I celebrated the beginning of each new poem-&-short-story notebook by spending a lot of time choosing a motto or a poem (by somebody else) to go on the first page. And on the last few pages I always included a table of contents and yet another poem (again by somebody else).

I no longer write as much poems as I used to, and of course, I eventually (i.e. when I found out that typing 700 handwritten pages is rather boring indeed) started to type my novels into the ‘puter straight away. So, no more excuses to buy notebooks.

But this morning, when the muse overcame me while I was feeding the kitties and I sat down on the kitchen chair and started to scribble on some loose paper, I thought how absolutely lovely it would be to have a notebook to accompany my novels. A notebook to jot down the synopsis and character drafts. To write outlines for later chapters. To take notes of research tidbits.

Since I was absolutely thrilled by the whole idea, I went into my study and rummaged through my “writing cupboard”, where I keep all my old notebooks, my collection of (mostly German) rejection letters (but I’ve also got one signed by Marion Zimmer Bradley — cool, isn’t it?), and all the books from the 19th century I need for my research. Oh yes, and there is also a pile of yet unused, virginal notebooks. Unfortunately, none quite fitted the purpose I had in mind. So what should a girl do in this case? Of course: go out and buy a new notebook!

I found some really beautiful ones (by http://www.paperblanks.com/), which are made to resemble old books. Oooooh, so lovely!

So my muse and I are quite happy this evening! :O)

5 thoughts on “On Notebooks

  1. Dorie

    Those are beautiful notebooks Sandy! I especially like the Fabulous Footwear, Morris and the Embelleshed Manuscripts. ^_^

    Which one did you get? Anyway, I hope you fill it up once you get it.

    (I created a blog and then I got rid of it, but I am going to put one up eventually, lol. Nothing spectacular, just about books and stuff)

  2. Sandy

    Yes, aren’t the notebooks beautiful? I was so lucky they only had a few different designs at the shop, else I’d have ended up buying much more than just two! *LOL*

    I got “Knotwork” from the French Collection (which is modelled on a real book binding from 1550) and “Handtooled” from the Old Leather Wraps. You can’t see it on the picture, but the latter got a lovely delicate black pattern pressed into the surface. I’m using this book for BEWITCHED — and I’ve already started to fill it with notes and what not! Oh yes, and a few …. uhm … later scenes, even though this time I really didn’t want to work patchwork style. 🙂 But yesterday morning when one scene rose brilliantly clear in front of my inner eye, I just couldn’t resist any longer.

    Do tell me when you get a blog! I love visiting other people’s places!! 🙂

  3. Dorie

    Oh, Handtooled is pretty, so is Embossed and Foiled.

    I just noticed I might have seen them at the bookstore, since I was just at Borders and Barnes And Noble. But I didn’t look at the notebooks. 🙁

    I will tell you when I create it, it won’t be very interesting, but if you want to waste a minute or two you can visit it. LOL.

    I’m so glad your muse is with you, I can’t wait for more of your books to read. ^_^

  4. Julie! ^_^

    Notebooks – the bane of my existence!
    I hate them! *lol* I tend to write everything on loose papers and then I spend hours and hours to get them sorted out. I have all the information that I have about my planet on paper. Meanwhile I got it on computer as well, but, well, it gets so hard to throw anything away… And I tend to think that I really wrote this and that well and that it looks so cool on paper. But then I cannot find anything when I start writing. *lol*

    But my little apple (I have a PowerBook G4) had one day (beware, this is Julie in story-mode!) a little fever and then it decided not to let widdle ol’ Julie in her documents about her planet and her stories. To be brutally honest: The monitor remained totally black (although I’m still convinced that it had a little face that showed me it’s tongue! – my brother, of course (this fantasy-less dolt), just told me that the main board seemed to be broken *lol*).
    So I wasted a good day to mourn over ALL of my stories, my book, my planet, my maps, my everything, until my brother found mercy in his little black heart and was capable to rescue ALL my data! Isn’t he a hero?
    If I had written it on notebook I would have spared me such a miserable day. *shrug*

    It never seems to be the right decision an author is making in choosing his/her tools! *lol*

    (Sorry, I am writing too much, I guess. *lol*)

  5. Sandy

    *LOL* Julie, when I spent these wet eight months in Ireland, my notebook regularily broke right after we both arrived in Galway. Rather horrid. When I wanted to type things, I always had to go out into the rain and dash over to one of the university buildings that had computer rooms (where I had to stand in line, of course!)

    And don’t be silly, you’re not writing too much. I’m glad you like my blog. :O)

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