Like Heyer? Check.

Like Richard Armitage? Double check.

Like Richard Armitage reading a Heyer novel? Yes, of course!!! 🙂

This summer a new audio edition of Heyer’s Sylvester will come out – read by Richard Armitage. *swoon* How cool is that? Now RA is not just a wonderful actor, he’s also a great reader – he’s got a pleasant voice, cute accent, and he really manages to bring the story he reads alive for his audience. (*whispers* I’ve got two of the Robin Hood audio books read by him and he’s doing a great job) (okay, and now you can forget what I’ve said about owning two Robin Hood audio books …)

4 thoughts on “OH MY GOSH!

  1. Anonymous

    Feel no shame in owning the RH audio books lol, I have all 4 and will be pre-ordering the two new RH books coming out in a month or so.

    You should try and get Lords of the North, ten discs of that voice is pure heaven,

  2. Kristie (J)

    Oh my word, Oh my word!!! I will SO be getting this one!! I just adore me some Richard Armitage. I couldn’t believe it the other day when I saw a list of the top 50 guys in some online thingie and he wasn’t on it!! Geoge Clooney (blech) yep. Brad Pitt (yawn) yep. Clive Owen (I don’t ‘get’ him) yep. Pierce Brosnan (????) yep – but no RA – it was WRONG!!

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