4 thoughts on “Nothing Interesting to Tell …

  1. richard

    Ok I know your addiction for pumped up superheros on stage with lots of skin showing, I know you have a fable for cats and than there’s the computer geek inside you. Still I say: the truth can be scarry 🙂

    P.S.: Prepare for your abduction 4th of June!

  2. Sandy

    ah, so you mean being faced with the dreadful truth, you’re scared senseless. Now, isn’t it interesting what kind of effect I have on guys? *ggg*

    Still I have to point out that while Adam Cooper is definitely nicely muscled, he’s not pumped up. Now that would scare me! *lol*

    Abduction? Cool, shall we make it a big meeting of all the brave musketeers who braved the Bavarian wilderness 10 years ago, and their significant others? Oh, and not to forget the babies! :O)

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