‘Nother Update on My Reading Fest

I don’t seem to have all that much luck with books this week. Started reading Mary Stewart’s “Stormy Petrel”, but soon found it rather blah, too. Then, last night, I bought a few e-books for a change – yet one of the books I wanted to buy was region-restricted and hence I couldn’t buy it after all (you publishers of the region-restricted e-books: region-restricted e-books suck big time and don’t really make me want to buy the dead-tree-version of your books!).

One of the books I was allowed to buy (sooo kind!) was Leann Sweeney’s “The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse”. Started reading it last night. Was only mildly impressed. Continued reading it this morning. Was not at all impressed. Bored to tears, actually. Much of the dialogue in that book is absolutely superfluous, imo, and several other passages are bit too didactic for my liking. Such a shame. The cover is so pretty (and you know how much I love pretty covers!). I read about a third of the novel, then skipped to the end of the book. Hmph.

And now I’m reading Mary Stewart’s “Wildfire at Midnight”, which is set on the Isle of Skye (hmm, that reminds me of Kathy & Rory …). So far so good. At the moment I’m still enjoying the story. 🙂

2 thoughts on “‘Nother Update on My Reading Fest

  1. Sandra Schwab

    And I enjoyed “Wildfire at Midnight” until the end. I did eventually guess who the murderer was, but still, the tension was high up until the last. Only now the night-darkened flat seems rather eerie ….

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