‘nother Shoe Crisis Averted in the Afternoon

Waaaaaaaaaah! Can’t take the brandnew shoes ’cause I get damp feet in them. Why? Why? It’s leather for heaven’s sake! Okay, okay, here’s Plan B: take normal black sandals to wear in Atlanta if temperature inside hotel permits it. Wear ancient sandals on the plane. (And I mean ancient: approximately 20 years! We’re talking about children’s shoes here! But they’re totally comfortable and look nice in a hippie-ish sort of way when you’re wearing jeans.)

Went watch-shopping today since the battery of the old watch died and I forgot to have it replaced. Besides, I thought it was time I went and bought a new watch. Or rather, two: I bought one sleek, black thingy and — brace yourselves! — a children’s watch! 🙂 It’s the perfect summer watch in shades of light green with a few pinkish flowers. Not at all gharish, but really nice. (Of course. Else I wouldn’t have bought the thing, right?)

Also got a new notebook to continue working on “Betrayal” while in Atlanta. It’s rather small and looks like an old book. Let’s hope the Muse is so charmed she graciously stops by for a smooching party!