No new podcast episode today ….

… due to combined dissertation and kitty crisis (the latter involved a really big cyst which PĆ¼nktchen opened herself last night, an ensuing really big mess in my flat, and a visit to the vet this morning — yipee!).

When I worked on “Betrayal” yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday? Hmm ….), I realized I’d need to change my heroine’s first name. For some reason or other, Muse thinks a 35-year-old called Ginny is not supposed to behave like a mature human being. Which in turn makes me want to slap poor Ginny for being a total ninny. (See? That name even rhymes with “ninny”! Who’d want a heroine whose name rhymes with “ninny”????) So I’ll need to go name-hunting once more.

Possible names at the moment:
— Sarah
— Valerie (Val)

Comments? Ideas?

3 thoughts on “No new podcast episode today ….

  1. Dorie

    LOL, you are funny Sandy. I don’t think Ginny’s a bad name for a 35 year old, but now I won’t be able to think of it the same way after what you said. I will forever think ninny when I hear Ginny..^_^

    Have you thought of the name Dorie? Nah, I remember there was a character in Wolfenbach named Dorrie, LOL.

    Hmm, it’s funny because my sister said how about Sarah, when she didn’t even know that you had mentioned that.

    How about, Anne, Alexandra, or Diane/Diana? Probably not good enough.

  2. Sandy

    Hi Dorie — names, argh! This morning I fetched my dictionary of first names and curled up in my bed to look for a nice new name for Ginny. The only problem is — by now the story has so much progressed that any other just seems … uhm … wrong. *roll eyes* So now I’ve decided I’ll just stick with Georgiana and call her “Georgie” at appropriate moments. :O) Or something.

    There was a character named Dorrie in Wolfenbach??? Geez, that just shows you how much of a problem I have with names: I don’t even remember the names of my own characters! (Hey, do you think that’s going to make my students happy ’cause I can’t remember their names either?)

  3. Dorie

    Well, she was the Cissy’s sister-in-law, LOL. Not a very flattering character to share my name, although I think it was longer and Dorrie was a sort of nickname.

    But I like the name Georgiana. ^_^

    Sorry, I forgot to say that I hope your cat is OK, that sounded really scary!

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