NO HOLE!!!!!!

I’m deliriously happy!!! (Have I already mentioned that I’m slightly paranoid when it comes to holes in my teeth?) Anyway, went to the dentist, told her about the big, black, ugly hole in my tooth, then opened mouth — aaaaaahhhhhh — so she could have a look for herself.

“Where?” she asked, somewhat puzzled.

“Left side at the back,” I said and pointed for good measure before I opened my mouth again — aaaaaahhhhhhh.

“Hmm.” So she took her itty-bitty dentis-mirror and had another look. Then she reached for this disgusting, small hook and prodded in my teeth for a bit. (Bah! I really hate when they’re doing that!) And then, “There’s no hole,” she said.

“No hole?” I asked, cautiously hopeful.

“No hole. There’s a discoloration, but no hole.”

At which point my face broke into the goofiest grin imaginable. “No hole! Oh my gosh, there’s NO hole! No hole!!!!!”

Dentis threw me a strange look and hurried finished her examination. I’ve got the sneaky suspicion that she now thinks I’m mad.

And I’m not!


And I’ve got no hole in my tooth! Yay! :O)