New Podcast Episode!

Yes, I’ve indeed managed to put together a new episode of Sandy’s Podchatter! Yay! Unfortunately it does not contain a new chapter from BETRAYAL (because I still haven’t finished writing that story), but instead it contains a long, long, looooooooong ramble on how to put the history into the historical, in this particular case, how to research historical London.

For what became obvious during that discussion on what does or doesn’t constitute plagiarism and whether or not, and how and why authors should document their sources, was that a lot of people don’t quite know how much research goes into, say, a historical and how this is … uhm … ought to be incorporated into the story. Which is perfectly understandable; I was pretty clueless myself before I started with my first historical. And then — oooh, the shock! *g*

Here are links to and pictures of or from some of the research books and tools I mention in the podcast:

Greenwood’s Map of London (1827)

Images of 19th-century London

A picture of Holland House from Princess Marie Liechtenstein’s HOLLAND HOUSE

Pictures of Albany from the London Metropolitan Archives

And a picture of the so-called Rope Walk:

More info about Albany with many pictures (that’s where I found the two above).