New, Kitteh-Improved Armchair

Remember my search for an armchair for the library earlier this year? The chair I ordered several weeks ago has now finally arrived — and it looks gorgeous! And teh Kitteh loves it. *g* (She doesn’t yet know that eventually one of her baskets will have to make room for an itty-bitty small table where I can put a cup of tea.) (Don’t worry, she’s got plenty of baskets left!)

Before the chair arrived on Wednesday, I suffered from acute buyer’s remorse. I was sure it A) would look absolutely horrid in the library, B) would be utterly uncomfortable, and C) would turn out to have been an utter waste of money. Luckily, I was wrong on all three accounts. The chair is as pretty as can be, and very comfortable, too (curling up one’s legs is perfectly possible on this chair, at least when you’re my size) (taller people will never reach the chair anyway, because they’ll most likely bash their brains out on the chandelier before they even get near the chair *ggg*).