New Furniture

Went furniture shopping yesterday and bought a kitchen trolley as well as some baskets to put on shelves of said kitchen trolley. The thing looks just great, but of course, I had to reorganize my cupboards a little — why is it that the inside of kitchen cupboards looks sort of messy and disorganized in no time at all?

One of the things I loved about Galway was the rosemary and cranberry bread from Tesco. So today, I made rosemary and cranberry bread myself, using Jamie Oliver’s basic recipe for bread and adding, well, lots of rosemary and cranberries (now that came as a surprise, didn’t it? *g*). Unfortunately, the result does not taste like the Tesco variety. I guess I’ll need to add more rosemary next time.

*Jago puts kitty butt on Sandy’s hand* (Marvellous!)

As to books I’ve read this week:

  • 20-something heroines who behave like bratty 16-year-olds don’t necessarly endear themselves to readers. They certainly do not to this reader.
  • After having read umpteen Agatha Christie novels by now, it’s getting easier and easier to guess the identity of the murderer.
  • Got an interesting book today: THE SELF-MADE MAN, written by a female journalist who spent one year living as a man. It certainly sounds intriguing!

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  1. web

    I was just thinking about the fact that I’ve read four “in death” books and guessed the murderer every single time. I figured it was because I cut my teeth on Agatha Christie.

    Still awesome books.

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