New Book, New Look!

So I’ve got the new author pics done — but I couldn’t simply put them on the old website, could I? Oh no! Renovations were definitely in order! Therefore I spent the past few days … er … nights overhauling my website and tried to give it a neater look. The results can be seen here. I’ve also added a few more CASTLE OF THE WOLF pages: the first reviews are up as is the reading guide for readers’ groups and the first few pages of the Secrets of CASTLE OF THE WOLF.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new pages and the new look!

2 thoughts on “New Book, New Look!

  1. Sandy

    Carrie, I did it all myself — this is why I’m still doing all in html instead of using CSS. But, well, I simply like doing things myself too much. *G* I’m glad you like it!

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