Need more hours per day

This this one of those times again when I ought to do 101 different things at the same time — and things simply don’t work out the way they’re supposed to. *sigh* I still haven’t ordered flyers or bookmarks for Castle, I still have that huge pile of corrections, I still have to design an ad plus the aforementioned flyers and bookmarks for Castle, I still have to install Photoshop on my ‘puter, I still have to prepare my seminar (which starts like, in two weeks’s time — aaaaaargh! *head desk*), I still have to edit that $(%)?”ยง&( book for uni, I still have to write one article as well as three papers (the third paper is Mark B’s fault ’cause he talked me going to that comic conference) (okay, okay, that one’s going to be a fun paper) (the other two are, too, actually), I still have to put together the website pages with the background info about Castle, I still have to do my taxes …

Well, you get the point.

So would anybody please give me more hours per day? Please??? (Or, if I can’t have any more hours, could somebody do the litter trays?)