Nearly Done!

Yay! I’ve almost finished packing:

  • the “big” suitcase is done (it’s not all that big, really) (I’m so good!);
  • brandnew wallet is filled with dollars (the old one looked ratty, which is not at all the look I’m aiming for) (I’m aiming for “cool & sophisticated”, of course) (bwahahaha — whom am I kidding?);
  • shopper stuffed with calendar, small RWA programme, Betrayal notebook, passport (gosh, what am I going to do if they tell me it’s the wrong passport and I need one of these brandnew, terribly expensive, comes-with-strange-picture passport after all???) (it’s not as if I hadn’t looked it up on the internet AND phoned my airline about it) (oh yes, I asked my poor friend Kris about it, too) (at this point, I’d like you all to stop and fall silent for a Minute of Pity for Kris: she’s going to be my roomie in Atlanta), book to read on plane (Veronica Stallwood, Oxford Fall), pain killers (in case I get a headache), chewing gum to help prevent travel sickness (actually, it’s the chewing gum that makes me sick), assortment of pens

But I still need to:

  • print out workshop script
  • print out short bio for moderator to read at the beginning of my workshop
  • print out hotel info and registration confirmation
  • print out info how to find to party on Tuesday evening
  • pack my cosmetics
  • put the razor and scissors into the big luggage
  • pack my hand luggage
  • feed cats
  • clean litter tray
  • clean bathroom (’cause it looks horrid and will cause my poor Mum to drop dead when she does the litter tray next week) (so, ’cause I love my Mum, I’ll have to clean the bathroom) (or at least, make it look as if it had been cleaned!)

And now I’m feeling a short moment of panic….

Okay, okay, breathe deep … in and out … in and out …