Nah, not interrupted

I’m a daftie. I haven’t yet installed the DSL modem thingie, but when wrote yesterday’s post, I totally forgot that they said you could still have access to the internet even with an ISDN modem. Besides, I can always go and use my parents’ computer.

So, if she didn’t install the DSL modem thingie, what the heck DID she do today??? you might ask. Well, I had one of those PhD Project Days. And it went really well — even though I wrote only about three pages all in all. That seems to be my normal pace for academic writing. Still, I will NOT panic!!!

I finished the chapter with the definition of romance and ended the whole thing with a reference to TLB. I’m not quite sure whether I’ll be able to leave it in (that depends on what my prof has to say about it), but for me it was the easiest option to use my own book when it came to explain certain points about the structure of romance.