My Preciousssssss

Next week this lovely darling will be ALL mine. 101 stitches, 7 or 8 different feet, super-easy to use (well, let’s hope that this will turn out to be true …).

Planned crafting projects: baby quilt with Aviary honey bun (from Moda Fabrics; picture snatched from the Fat Quarter Shop, my favourite online fabric shop where I’ve ordered my Moda fabrics) and the daisy chain quilt from Jelly Roll Quilts with Aviary and cream-coloured sashing. Here’s the picture from the book:

Isn’t it pretty? It’s (apparently) very easy to make (sew stripes from jelly roll or stripes from jelly roll and stripe of sashing together, then cut into striped stripes, arrange stripey stripes so they form the daisy chains, then sew together). Nevertheless, it might take some time though until you’ll get to see a picture of my quilt draped so prettily over a fence (and not just because it’ll take me ages to find a fence such as this one *g*).