My PhD-Project-Day

I spent my PhD-Project-Day reading another rather ghastly academic study (a German one) on popular romance. *sigh* Sometimes you get the impression that the people who write that stuff have absolutely no clue in regard to the creative process of writing, the publishing business, or reading. Argh! Argh! Argh! However, IMO, the crowning glory still is the nonsense Radway sprouts in READING THE ROMANCE. How about:

“That the problem might be even more complicated than we think is suggested by Kirkland’s discovery that most of the women in the group of romance writers she studied had been avid readers before they tried their hand at romance writing.” (Profound, isn’t it?)

More lovely still:

“To find a way to provide such support [i.e., the support of us feminist critics to guide them towards the light of feminism], however, or alternatively to learn from romance writers and readers is not easy for we lack the space and channels for integrating our practices with theirs [sounds as if we poor romance writers have succumbed to some strange cult]. Our segregation by class, occupation, and race, once again, works against us.” [???]

Let me quote Dunnett: “I spit, I spit, I spit.”


3 thoughts on “My PhD-Project-Day

  1. Kate

    I always knew there was something funny about you – it’s gotta be that you’re an alien, right? An extra-terrestrial? This “German act” you’re putting on is really just a cover story for those rare English grammatical errors you make because your native language is actually… Betelgeusian! That would totally explain why you can’t “integrate” with “our” practices or why you’re segregated so much!!!!!!

    Seriously, though, what makes her think that romance writers are so different? Honestly. You’ve been pretty normal and sane in my opinion (granted, I’ve never met you in person).

    And now I’m just rambling.

  2. Carolyn

    So what’s your dissertation on? When I was doing a research project on a Regency era author, I amassed dozens of quotes from 1815 or so foward all sneering one way or another at such novels. Sadly, it’s been over 200 years and nothing has changed!

    I, for one, will not be assimilated. Join the collective? I spit on it, too, Sandy.

  3. Sandy

    Ooooooh, waily, waily, my cover is blown! *falling to my knees, thumping head on floor and pulling at my hair* What will General Quirxlmp say? Oh, waily, waily, I will be sent back to Betelgeusia in shame, and the only thing I’ll be allowed to do is to look after the General’s mrpasrgtini. Oh, waily, waily!

    (How was that? *g*)

    Honestly, that outward sanity and normalty is just a facade. Ín the deepest, most secret depths of my heart I am the crazy Horror Schwab. Hmhm. ;-P

    Carolyn, I’m writing about the history of the dragonslayer story in combination with genderroles. Lots of fun!!!

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