My Muse Is Now Officially Homeless

It was by now means an easy decision to leave my current publisher, especially since I very much enjoyed working with Chris K, who’s a wonderful editor indeed. Still, in January my agent will start looking for a new home for the Muse. Unfortunately, this means that it’ll take some time until my next book is out.

4 thoughts on “My Muse Is Now Officially Homeless

  1. Dorie

    I’m so sorry to hear of your decision Sandy, I know it was a hard one to make. But I am sure that you will find a better place for you and your muse.

    Of course this means I will be waiting much longer for your next book, but patience is a virtue.

    Hugs, and much support!


  2. Anonymous

    Uuups, da ist mir ja glatt was entgangen, Sandy.
    Du verläßt Deinen Verlag? Schade, dass das für uns eine längere Wartezeit bedeutet, aber Du wirst sicher Deine guten Gründe haben!
    Viel Glück für die Suche nach einem neuen zu Hause für Deine Muse.

    Gruß Betty

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