My heart’s in the highlands…

Returning to the first story of my trio of novellas, which I need to finish this weekend. So who’s coming with me to bonnie Scotland? There won’t be any men in kilts, I’m afraid, but plenty of people in medieval costume. And knights.

Did I mention knights? 😉

And then there’s what must be the sweetest hero I’ve ever written. Meet Robbie Beaton, whose kind, round face nearly always wears a good-humored smile. In the following snippet, he and his friend MacNeil have just arrived at their destination in Scotland (MacNeil didn’t want to come, so he’s a bit grumpy…)

“I do not believe this,” Mac said, standing in the middle of the street of a small Scottish town. “You must be joking!”

Robbie bit his lip and surveyed the crowds milling around them. People in what might be taken for medieval dress mingled with people in modern attire, dragging boxes and cases, or pushing wheelbarrows piled high with travel trunks.

“It’s…uh…picturesque,” Robbie offered.

“It’s not picturesque,” Mac growled. “It’s a bloody farce!”

“Ah, but it makes for good illustrations.” Shooting his friend a grin, Robbie dug out his sketchbook, and soon his pencil flew across the page to capture those fascinating, unusual scenes and sights in a few quick sketches.