My Fist Interview!

Today I had my first real, big interview ever! Yeah! It was for the students’ magazine of our department, but still, I was very excited and had practised giving a short summary of my novel in front of the mirror at home. So I was talking rather earnestly to my bathroom mirror while my cats looked on curiously. Welllll, in the end, I didn’t need the summary. (Hmph.) (But then, it’s always good to have a short summary of one’s book ready because, you know, people might actually ASK you about the book. It’s a bit like being a boyscout: Always Prepared!) The interview itself was lovely: we chatted for about an hour, and it was interesting to see in how far her questions differed from the ones I got for an e-mail interview with the German romance newsletter. And I’m proud to say I’ve converted somebody to the romance genre! :O)

In the past few weeks I acquired two new hobbies — three, if you count fighting with your cat over who’s sitting on the chair:

Checking my sales rank at Barnes and Noble. It’s very exciting to see how the numbers are going up and down and up and down from day to day. (My sales rank at amazon is just too depressing so I’m not checking that one. I’ll need to send them more info about the book soon….)

Googling myself and the novel. *g* Again, the number of listed entries varies from day to day and hour to hour (though not as much as the B&N sales rank). By now I’m somewhere around 68-70. Very exciting, too!

So now I can feel really important!

Well ….

ActuallyI’ve got too much to do right now to feel important. That’ll need to keep for another time then. *g* But if you’d like to read some more chatter of mine, please check out this article I’ve written for Once Upon A Romance: “Aspiring But Never Despairing.” I hope you’ll enjoy it! Let me know what you think of it.

For today I bid you all good night. :O)

2 thoughts on “My Fist Interview!

  1. Anonymous

    Hallo Sandy,

    Gratulation, dass die Schloß-Ankunftsszene endlich “im Kasten” ist 😉 Da war der “Ausflug” nach Bremen doch produktiv; und die Kommentare Deiner Kollegen zum Brüllen…
    Gibt es das Schloß eigentlich auch real?
    Deine neuen Hobbys kann ich sehr gut nachfühlen, ich wäre glaube ich nur noch hibbelig….
    Aber die Streitereien mit den Katzen um den Stuhl sind doch wohl nicht neu, oder?!? Also ich diskutiere das mit unseren Katzen seit dem Tag ihrer Ankunft vor 11 Jahren… Nur die Tricks variieren :-))
    Hast Du eigentlich schon die Romatiktimes von Juli mit Deinem Review drin bekommen? Ich noch nicht 🙁
    Schönes sonniges Wochenende!
    Gruß Betty

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Hi Betty,

    yes, I roughly modelled my castle on a real one: the Kastelburg near Waldkirch, even though that is completely in ruins in contrast to “my” castle.

    My copy of the July RT has still not arrived either. *sob* It’s sooo unfair! At least, a kind fellow Dorchester author sent me the important part of the review by e-mail, so I know they said nice things about my book. But still … reading it in magazine itself will be so much different!


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