My Favourite Soup: Kallaloo

Three weeks from the day after tomorrow I’ll have my final oral exam. If I pass it, you can then call me Dr. Schwab (I won’t be able to call myself Dr. Schwab yet as I’ll have to find a publisher for the Dratted Diss first). But in the time until then I’ll probably enter Lala-Land again and keep running around like a headless chicken, shouting “Waaaaargh! Waaaaaargh! Waaaaaaargh!” (Not an easy feat, given that the chicken is headless!) As this might be my last sensible post in a while, I’d like to share the recipe for my favourite soup with you. It’s yummy and will keep you warm on cold autumn evenings. 🙂

Take 400g pumpkin, cut into squares, put into a large pot, add three potatoes, also cut into squares, then add some water and cook until pumpkin and potatoes are tender.

Take that thingie-dings with which you can stomp and mash potatoes. Stomp pumpkin and potatoes (or simply purée them), add vegetable stock, finely diced ginger. Mince 500g of spinach (or simply take a large package of Rahmspinat *g*), then add to soup. Add 200 ml of coconut milk, salt and pepper (and some chili, if you like – me, I don’t like).

Heat and admire the marvellous greenish colour. And when the soup is all nice and hot, it’s ready to be enjoyed.

I got the recipe from a friend (hello, Matze!), and the pumpkin that was cooked in these pictures had grown in the garden of another friend (hello, Anna!). The pot and the kitchen are all mine, though. 🙂

One thought on “My Favourite Soup: Kallaloo

  1. Laura Vivanco

    Poor chicken. I think, though, that (a) the loss of her head is only a cruel magical illusion (how could she eat her soup if she didn’t have a head?) and (b) the illusion will permanently wear off in about three weeks’ time, when she will have become Dr. Schwab, I’m sure.

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