Musings on What Makes a Hero Tick

One of the things I’m trying to do while fleshing out BETRAYAL is to lend my characters more emotional depth. Or perhaps I should rather say, to intensify their emotions — especially when it comes to my hero.

Ash is a man who has experienced heartache in the past and who therefore keeps his emotions now tightly reined in. Still, at several points in the story he acts in extreme ways, and I’ve kept thinking that I haven’t really given him enough justification for his behaviour. Soooooo …. *rubbing my hands* … he’s going to suffer a bit more. And I’ve now finally figured out what his trigger is: he hates all reminders of the past, he hates it that his emotions once caused him to look like a fool, and most of all, he hates feeling vulnerable. For this reason he now keeps his emotions tied up, and doesn’t allow himself to feel much of anything. Yet when he is caught unawares and the memories rise and he is reminded of his vulnerability and of what he regards as his foolishness, he is overwhelmed by waves of intense anger, doesn’t really know how to handle it, and hence blows a fuse.

Poor thing.

3 thoughts on “Musings on What Makes a Hero Tick

  1. Sandra Schwab

    JC, I’ll tell him (and he is very snuggle-worthy indeed!). 🙂

    azteclady, this just shows you how very mean I am. Even my characters weep when they see me. And they’re not even real! *g*

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