Musings on Historicals (Rant Alert!)

(Yes, it’s true: I’m reading historicals again. And not just historicals written by friends and favourite authors. He.)

I guess it’s no secret that I love Beauty and the Beast stories (after all, I’ve written one of these myself). And it’s no secret either that I enjoy stories in which the hero and heroine are adversaries at first, and not just of the “gosh, he’s such an old bore” variety, but of the “gargh! I hate his/her guts!” (yup, ‘ve written some of these myself as well). I also love a good “pursued/married for revenge” tale (hello, Mills&Boon Modern Romances / Harlequin Presents!). And I’ve got nothing against medievals either, even if the men are bit rougher and gruffer than in most of the Regency romances (Wheee!!! for Penelope Williamson’s Keeper of the Dream!).


I have absolutely no patience whatsoever for a medieval hero

  • who is repeatedly cruel to the heroine for no reason but his surly disposition
  • who doesn’t consider any of her wishes, but orders her around just because he’s the lord of the castle and must be obeyed
  • who is feared by the women in his own frigging castle
  • who has sex with the heroine for several weeks or even months without ever taking care of her pleasure
  • who regards the heroine as a brood mare for about 2/3 of the novel

And after all of that I’m supposed to believe in a happily ever after for this couple?? *snort* I think not!

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  1. Sandra Schwab

    Which of course I can’t tell you because I’m one of these uber-polite romance authors. *ggg* But I could engrave the title on a lump of sugar which I’ll then put into your cup of hot chocolate. How does that sound?

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