Musical Sunday

Every once in a while, I buy some music for a change (instead of just books). And last night was one of these times (okay, I admit: I was grumpy about something and thought some online retail therapy would help) (it did *g*). So I ordered
  • the new Enya album And Winter Came (isn’t the cover gorgeous?)
  • the somewhat older Enya album Amarantine
  • the album Songs from a Secret Garden by Secret Garden, a new-to-me band – I liked the snippets from the music sampler at amazon

and last but not least

  • Rhydian Roberts’s debut album (woohoo!)

That last one is completely Karen Scott’s fault: when she blogged about The XFactor some time ago, I started rummaging around on YouTube, where I first stumbled across Connie Talbot (awwwwww!) …

… and then over Rhydian Roberts (oh my gosh!!!!). At first I was somewhat put off by his strange hair-do (my thoughts ran somewhat along the line of “What a dork!”), but when I heard him sing — complete melt-down. *g* What a lovely, lovely voice that man has!

This is him singing “You Raise Me Up” at The XFactor:

And “Somewhere” (which almost made me cry):

(Whoever wrote the “About” snippet on YouTube didn’t do a proper job with the background research: Barbara Streisand might have recorded that song at some time in the past, but of course, it’s originally from Bernstein’s Westside Story: it’s sung at a pivotal point in the musical by Tony and Maria and is reprised at the end, when Tony lies dying in Maria’s arms.)

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