Muddle, Muddle, Toil, and Trubble

As you might have guessed there’s a reason why I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis lately. It’s not just that the new semester is well under way (and I’ve got another pile of student papers to correct *sigh*) (and so far, the correcting was rather depressing … *sigh-sigh* I DO speak Chinese in class, I tell you!), but writing-wise things are also a bit muddled at the moment, which is good for the thesis (I’m getting some work done – yay!), but bad for the Muse. She sits in her corner and sulks, poor thing. In order to cheer her up, I started looking into polishing and translating one of my old German manuscripts. Naturally, I’m not satisfied with the results so far, but it’s better than nothing. Besides, it’s awfully nice to rediscover this particular story: as I wrote it eleven years ago, I no longer remember all the details (frankly, I’m amazed at some of these details — “I wrote that?? I say!” *g*).

So here’s an itty-bitty glimpse of the first chapter of my YA fantasy novel (remember, I told you I’m not at all satisfied with it so far):

There was nothing I hated as much as the assemblies at court.

For one thing, I couldn’t stand crowds, especially the ghastly crush of mind-numbing perfumes, stiff brocade, and fake smiles. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I also lived in constant fear of tripping over the hem of my dress, of dropping my glass, or, worse, of spilling gravy all over my clothes and making a fool of myself.

Really, there was nothing I hated more than those assemblies. But, of course, I had to attend every single one of them — after all, that’s what was expected of the king’s daughter.

But at least nobody had said I had to take part in the endless rounds of gossip and all the petty intrigues which accompanied dainty sips of sparkling wine. Thus I usually withdrew to the safety of an recess at one of the windows and watched the ladies of the court besieging my brother.

That evening I was in a particularly bad mood because outside the full moon was sailing across the sky and I longed for my forest. As my blood flowed in the rhythm of the moon, I couldn’t shield my mind against her powers.

A shiver whispered through my body when I felt the howls of the wolves echoing through the forest.

The mark on my forehead began to throb.

Hmmm. As I said: not at all satisfied yet. Duh.

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