Moveable and Pop-Up Books

As an experienced abebooks customer (which translates into “spent an awful lot of money on an awful lot of lovely old books”), I’m getting newsletters from several booksellers. My favourite, however, is the newsletter of Stella & Rose’s Books. Stella Books in Tintern carries rare and OUP books on all subjects, while Rose’s Books in Hay-on-Wye specialises in children’s books. Their monthly newsletter doesn’t just include a sample of their new stock and a selection of their rare books, but also and more importantly an article on an author or illustrator, on a specific narrative motif, or on any other topic that has got something to do with books.

This month, the article is about moveable and pop-up books. As always, the text is well-informed and is accompanied by several pictures. These articles are a great promotional tool: they always make me want to rush and buy as many of the featured books as possible. *g*

One thought on “Moveable and Pop-Up Books

  1. popularkinetics

    Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for your link to the pop-up book history. I’ve been teaching how to make pop-ups for over 25 years, and always appreciate when others take an interest in the genre, especially the history of this fascinating form of 3-dimensional book. If you ever feel inspired to try your hand at making your own pop-ups, check out my books, “The Pocket Paper Engineer,” volumes 1 and 2. Best wishes, Carol Barton

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