More on the Reading

Can you tell I’m excited about the planned reading?

I am totally excited about the planned reading!!! :O)

Actually, I’m so excited about the reading I put together the whole programme today. Now I just need to make sure my programme fits my planned time frame. And I’ll probably need to rewrite the abridged scene from WOLFENBACH some more to make it flow more smoothly.

Furthermore, I worked on BEWITCHED this morning. With this book I was so determined not to stray from the straight path, i.e., writing the whole dratted thing chronologically instead of patchwork-wise. Then I bought the lovely, lovely notebook for drafting later scenes (telling myself it’s not “real” writing when you use a pen instead of a ‘puter keyboard) (haha!). Then, about four weeks or so ago, I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be totally bad if I used the AlphaSmart for drafting later scenes (telling myself any sort writing is good, so would you please shut up and get on with it). Now, this morning, I firmly intended to work on the museum scene (remember the Romantic Moment in front of the British Museum?), but well, which scene did pop open on the AlphaSmart? The going-skating scene which comes much later in the novel.

Hmmm ….

Do you think I could get away with blaming it on the AlphaSmart?