More Mean People :)

After I turned into a crafting-loving person, it was only a matter of time until I would stumble across Japanese craft books. They’re so mean, the Japanese. Really, really mean. They produce craft books filled with such cuteness it hurtz. Huuuuuuuurtz!

You don’t believe me?

Then have a look at the following pictures. This is an embroidery magazine called Stitch Idées:

I ordered vol. 11 a few weeks ago on ebay and it arrived yesterday. As if the projects depicted on the cover weren’t already cute enough, these are the kind of projects you can find inside:

Embroidered bunny stamps!!!!

After this terrible cuteness-attack, I was forced to order the following today:

Fairy tales! Of course I have to have an embroidery book featuring fairy-tale projects! I’m a folk lit scholar, after all!

A peek at the inside cuteness:

And here is an edition filled with spring projects:

And then there’s the stylish birdie issue:

So now, I only need a bit of time. 🙂

4 thoughts on “More Mean People :)

  1. XUE

    Konnichiwa & Greetings from Japan, where all these cuteness are coming from. I sew/quilt too & am addicted to Japanese fabrics so luckily, I live in Tokyo. I have a number of these magazines too (& more!).

  2. XUE

    Hi again Sandy,
    I forgot to add “Guten Morgen!”. My Mann kommt aus Hambug. Our children attends the German School here. Happy crafting!

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