More Horrible Mysteries

… or rather, Histories:

I renamed The Horrible Mysteries; they’re now the Horrible Histories of the Rhine, and the seven students became seven knights.

For the next few hours, Fox read to Amy about how brave Heim Heinrik saved the girl princess Idonia from the clutches of the evil giant and how he continued to win the heart of Queen Christiana. But too soon, he had to leave her again: “This letter was very welcome to Queen Christiana, who now began to set such high esteem on Heim Heinrik, that she judged him worthy of the empire of the world. And now, he being the sole monarch of her heart, she could not but breathe forth some sighs to think upon his absence; but considering upon what an honourable account he was engaged, she could not but applaud his undertaking: yet to give him some clear demonstration of her affection to him, upon his marching away, she went in her chariot to speak to him, whom she found at the head of his troops, and kindly bade him farewell and bestowed upon him a scarf of her own with these words: ‘Let me request you to wear this scarf for my sake, that by looking on the same, I may not be altogether out of your remembrance.'”

By now Fox’s voice was hoarse. He had to clear his throat, before he could croak, “End of Part II of the Horrible Histories of the Rhine.”

(The text he reads is actually from a 1824 edition of The Seven Champions of Christendom — names have been altered.)

You might remember that I work in Mainz/Mayence … Can you smell the smoke? *ggg*