More Chatter

I spent the last four hours (which just shows what a computer dummy I am!) inserting a link to my wonderful new blog in the menu of my homepage. But strangely enough, the welcome page remains unchanged and blog-linkless. *scratching my head* Anyway, the link appears somewhere so I guess it is alright. For now.

So what am I doing these days when not being mystified by the intricate workings of cyberspace in general and my ‘puter in particular? At uni, the semester is in full swing, enabling me to panic about the preparations for my class on a regular basis. Teaching, I’ve found, has a lot to do with acting and standing on a stage: you are responsible for the amusement of the masses — and you always hope they won’t start throwing rotten vegetables at you. (But I wouldn’t have any qualms about throwing the veggies back! Hehe.)

As to my writing life, I’m happily (or not so happily) working on my next novel, The-Book-after-the-First-Publication, which, people keep telling me, is the most difficult book to write. (So this certainly gives me something else to worry about!) The story is again a historical romance, set in 1827 (I needed steamships on the Rhine, and there weren’t any before 1827). Cissy, my poor heroine, got stuck on that steamship on the Rhine for weeks on end because her author was having panic attacks and suffering from severe bouts of insecurity and self-doubt. In the end, I decided to go for the “patchwork approach” and depart from the linear way of writing. So, while she still hasn’t reached that deuced castle in the Black Forest yet, she has at least had some fun in the bedroom! Yeah! *G*