Monday Mutterings

You know what’s so horrid about proof-reading your own stuff? Inevitably you come to a point where you think, “This SOOOO sucks. This is worse than anything the dinosaurs would have written if they had been able to write! Oh, oh, oh!” And then you dash into the kitchen, open your cookie jar — and remember that the cookie monster ate all your cookies. (It also ate all the peanutbutter cups, btw.)

And then, to make it all totally perfect, your cat is sick in the hallway.

Well, no, it hasn’t.

At least not yet.

Hm ….

Or at least, I hope none of the cats has been sick in the hallway.

Sometimes you can’t really tell. Until you step into the hairball-goo, that is. But have you ever seen any of the romance heroines who own a cat stepping into any hairball-goo? Sometimes it would be really good to be a romance heroine. I mean, you would also have the added benefit of a totally hunkalicious, but also caring, sensitive guy in your bed (I’m obviously talking about the ending here; who wants to be a romance heroine in the middle of the book when the hero’s snarling at the poor girl and about to throw her into the dungeons?)! Okay, where was I? — Ah, yes, the hunkalicious guy in your bed. Cool, right? So he would be the one to get up in the mornings to feed the cats, step into the hairball-goo and do the litter trays! Ha! 🙂