Monday Morning Musings

When I went through the blog listings of Sew, Mama, Sew!‘s May Giveaway Day, I was struck how extraordinary this all is: here we are, in the middle of a world-wide economic crisis, when you hear nothing but more bad news on the news, and yet over 400 women from all over the world got together in order to give away handcrafted goodies and/or bits and pieces from their sewing/knitting/paper-crafting supplies. They gave away cute bags, adorable children’s clothes, frilly tutus, pretty aprons, sweet stuffed toys, old lace and buttons, and brightly patterened fabrics for quilting. Many of these 400 women didn’t even know each other, but they all hopped from blog to blog, left encouraging comments, praised each other’s crafting results, and create warm, fuzzy feelings all around.

Female communities rock. 🙂

The big May Giveaway Day organised by Sew, Mama, Sew! has been wonderfully life-affirming, and I felt that in a way all the participants thumbed their noses at the flow of bad news that constantly surrounds us these days. You can bet that I’ll take part in the next big Giveaway Day. Embroidered napkins, anybody?

One thought on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. azteclady


    That’s exactly it.

    It’s the same thing that happens in the romance reading community–either publicly or behind the scenes, there are countless generous women doing their little bit to brighten someone else’s day.

    Hoping the dreaded M’s are gone now.

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