Monday Greetings & Sandy’s Reno Adventures, Part II

Hello everybody,

no, I haven’t fallen off the edges of the earth – despite appearances! *g* I was just hit by a bout of delayed jetlag and afterwards by a few days of lazeritis. By then I had convinced myself once more that I’m the worst writer on this earth and that I would never finish that next book (this, in case you’re interested, is called “second-bookeritis.” Happens to more or less everyone. Or so I’ve heard. And hope. *scratching my head*), so I needed a good kick in the butt to get myself writing again. I’ve found out that mindmaps help me a great deal when it comes to visualizing and recognizing (!) story patterns and the use of symbols throughout the novel. So I hope I’ll now get through the rest of the book without more mishaps.

Well. Have I already mentioned that my notebook went on strike? Luckily for me, I’ve got my wonderful AlphaSmart! So there’s no excuse not to write!

As to my further adventures in Reno: on Thursday the RWA conference proper kicked off with workshops in the morning – I loved Sabrina Jeffries’ “People Will Talk: Writing Snappy Dialogue”! – and the first conference meal. Now, I think, before the food arrived everybody in that ballroom was holding their breaths because most of us remembered the ghastly details about the food in Dallas (sometimes we didn’t even know what we were eating!). But this year the food turned out to be rather wonderful (and included an awesome death-by-chocolate dessert!)! Yeah! It was also lovely to share again a table with my Lunch Buddies from last year, Anna and Vicki (*waving to you*)! For this first meal, Debbie Macomber gave such a moving keynote speech that she had the whole room more or less in tears (in a way it is funny to see the people around you brushing their eyes at exactly the same moment when you get this curious pricking in your eyes!).

Now, some time after lunch I had my first meeting with my editor. And of course, you want to freshen up before your first meeting with your editor, right? And brush your teeth, right? And get rid of your heavy bag that got miraculously filled with books in the course of the morning, right? Wellllll …. too bad that there was such a huge queue in front of the elevators that it would have probably taken me 15 minutes to get to my room and god knows how long to get downstairs again. By that time I probably would have been too late for the meeting. Duh. So I decided for freshening up in one of the restrooms on the upper (and now empty!) conference room level. Not the most promising start.

Eventually, though, I found Chris (we’ve set up a meeting in the lobby bar and the hotel turned out to have more than one lobby bar …) (Yup, imagine little me walking agitatedly up and down the lobby). I have to admit I was slightly nervous (though thankfully, not as nervous as during the first ever lesson I taught when I must have sounded as if I’d burst into tears any moment), but Chris turned out to be one of the nicest people around, and that apart from being a pretty wonderful editor! Both of us survived this first meeting (and no, he had no blood coming out of his ears as I left him!), and for the rest of the day I kept telling people (including perfect strangers in the elevator *sigh*) that this day I had met my editor for the first time. (Moral: I get too bubbly when I’m happy or excited.)

Met my lunch buddies and we went to the bookfair together, where Vicki complained that they didn’t sell my book and I found Lindt chocolates in flavors I hadn’t seen before. (You see, these people from Waldenbooks who had set up the bookfair, they were soooo mean: they were selling books AND chocolate! *g*)

More chocolate at the reception in the evening, plus one gigantic ice sculpture (pic will follow soon).

So this were Sandy’s Reno Adventures, the second day. Stay tuned for pics and more stories!