Mixed up Tunes

They’re playing a funny game over at The Mystic Castle :

a) choose a song

b) go to Babel Fish and translate the lyrics from English to German,

c) German to French,

d) French to English,

e) and then people have to guess which song it is. :O)

Soooo, what do you think of this:

They fill in top my directions like one night in the forest, like the
mountains in spring, a manner in the rain, a storm in the desert, as you fill, with a somnolent blue ocean, come in top my directions still fill me.

4 thoughts on “Mixed up Tunes

  1. Sandy

    Ooooh, I’ve just realized it’s YOU, Julie!!!! So good to see you here! How’re you doing? How’s Paul? How are the cats?

  2. JulieM

    We’re all doing great Sandy. We’re currently a 10 cat household – our five plus five gorgeous foster kittens. That keeps me busy – especially with the litter trays!

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