Midnight Chatter

Those people at amazon.co.uk really know how to make a girl happy: TLB sales rank right now is 6,683. :O)

And a yet another review went up at Historical Romance Writers The reviewer, lilith, has many lovely things to say, e.g., “Why you should read this book? First: the characters. Lilian and Troy are excellently researched persons. And they have a history…and boy, what a history!! . . . Second: the relationship between Lilian and Troy. Obviously, it was quite a feat to make these two fall in love after what they went through at each other’s hands. The misunderstandings here are believable (in some romances they feel contrived and far-fetched) and most of all very well explained by each character’s point of view.” :O)

Hmm … too bad I can’t send lilith a big, fat cyberhug for making my day.