May Musings

Please note the alliteration — so very becoming for somebody teaching Old English lit! *g* I spent the day preparing my course and trying to figure out what kind of transparencies I’ll have to prepare tomorrow. Am still tired. Need holidays. Grmph.

Due to course preparations podcast episode will be even more late.

Or I could I just read you the first umpteen lines of BEOWULF. In Old English, of course. *GGG*

3 thoughts on “May Musings

  1. Kate

    (Although I’m sure my spelling will be shit…)
    “Hwat we gar-dena…”

    or better yet, Caedmon’s hymn…
    “Nu we sculon herian heofonrices weard…”

    My prof used to make us recite those in time to the beat of us thumping on the tables… Ya know, to give us an idea of what it would be like when actually performed with a harp and such… Dunno if it worked, but I can still recite most of Caedmon’s hymn (Beowulf needs some work)…

  2. Sandy

    Okay, so I recorded an improvised podcast today in my office at uni, just before I had to rush off and teach my duckies about selected features of OE. I didn’t read Beowulf, but some riddles. In translation. So people will actually understand what I’m talking about *g*. By the time I arrived back home, I was so tired I had already forgot about it. Will try to put it online tomorrow. Except if it’s totally unpostable. :O)

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