Manxome Mumblings

When I joined RWA in 2002 I took part in a number of writing contests, all of which were relatively strict in regard to formatting your entry: double-spaced, Courier New, 250 words per page, chapter doesn’t start at the top of the page but a third down, etc. You get points off for incorrect formatting; in the worst possible case your entry is disqualified. Heck, I once got points off for using DinA4 paper instead of letter-sized sheets!

Why is it then that most students seem to be generally unable to stick to our department’s format for research papers??? After I’ve devoted ONE WHOLE STUPID LESSON on formatting, putting together a bibliography, etc. AND put together a fricking handout???? AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! *head on table*

Can you tell I’m depressed?

On the up-side: Adam Cooper posted a new diary. Hooray!