Making Chocolates – U R Doing it Wrong

Yesterday, I got the Bund tea cake and candy mold and I had the brilliant idea to make some chocolates for my greataunt today (her birthday is tomorrow). After all, the chocolate-sunflowers, -hearts, -other-flowers, -itty-bitty-cake-shapes would look earth-shatteringly lovely and would thus be admired excessively. Right? Right.

Well, have a look at the title of this post. Then have a look at the picture below.


Making Butterkeks-cinnamon-cream-cheese filling? No problem.

Filling mold with chocolate, Butterkeks-cinnamon-cream-cheese balls, and even more chocolate? Still no problem.

Mold goes in fridge. Chocolate hardens. Sandy takes mold out of fridge and tries to remove chocolates from mold.

In vain.

Sandy has the brilliant idea to put mold in hot water for a few seconds (that’s supposed to help with ice cream, so it should help with stubborn chocolates, too, shouldn’t it?) – DISASTER strikes.





Traces of destruction in the kitchen …

Adventure ended with death of chocolates.

Moral: Don’t attempt to make chocolates with the Bundt tea cake and candy mold. Even if it is called a candy mold.

4 thoughts on “Making Chocolates – U R Doing it Wrong

  1. azteclady

    Yes. Plus, you know what they say about practice and perfection.

    (Somewhere someone has a tip that will make this a snap, you just have to hunt it up…)

  2. Anonymous

    Aww, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. My candy molds are all plastic and maybe that makes a difference, but the advice in my candy making book is to freeze them for about 10 minutes, and if they don’t fall out of the molds, freeze them a little longer.

    Also, what kind of chocolate did you use? Was it specially made for molding or did it have to be tempered? I am lazy and use melted chocolate-chips with a little oil added. — willful

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