Major Whine

My voice is gone.

Tomorrow I’ve got my first big solo reading, the reading I’ve been looking forward to for weeks and months now, and my fricking voice is gone.

I don’t know what to do. What if I’m not able to read tomorrow? I’m almost thirty years old and never in my life did I have a cold that drastically affected my voice. Why now???

Please send good vibes my way that I’ll have my voice back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Major Whine

  1. Kate

    Vibes sent.

    Having done that, make sure you drink lots of fluids, and, quite frankly, shut up unless you HAVE to speak. It will help (says the girl who routinely lost her voice in the weeks leading up to singing recitals…)

  2. Sandy

    Kate, thanks for the good vibes. The voice is back (sort of) and I’m drinking umpteen litres of tea in the hope it’ll help my voice to stay put. :O)

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